You Are a Cherry Muffin
You are very friendly and sweet. You love to socialize.
You have a bit of a fire in your heart, and you secretly love adventure.

You are well known for speaking your mind. You tell people exactly what you think.
However, you’re so nice when you’re honest, no one really cares!

Even though you’re down to earth, you’re not exactly the girl or guy next door.
You are actually quite worldly and sophisticated. You are well traveled and well read.


About joice

I am girl, sweet, attractive, charming
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5 Responses to Tahvava

  1. joice says:

    Rada ngasal sih jawabnya….
    Sedikit banyak bener lah…
    Tapi gw gak terlalu suka cherry..
    it’s better to have strawberry….

    But, a statement that makes me shocked is you secretly love adventure. What????

  2. dessyfarhany says:

    knp emangnya?
    you don’t like adventure?

  3. joice says:

    Not that word… buta the statement that i secretly love adventure….

  4. tutu1ng says:

    sweet… hmmm 😛

    *sweet itu bahasa inggrisnya kecut bukan??

  5. dessyfarhany says:

    joice, kok ikut2an si blognya…?
    ah, payahh…

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