Ten 2 Five

Lately, I listen to one of  Ten 2 Five album. Here the cover


Actually I like Ten 2 Five, Mocca, D’ Cinnamons. The music really nice, so soft and simple but great. I love the lyrics too… So nice, so deep and simple. Here the songs of this album

Hanya Untukmu

As Long As I Got You


Eien No Ai

Feels Like Home

Happy Birthday


Love Is You

Aku Ada Rahasia

Coming Home

Rasa Cinta


First, I just really  love Hanya Untukmu

“... S’mua yang ku mau, hanyalah diri-Mu satu Kaulah jawaban semua doa
Semua yang kurasa  rindu dalam asa Didekap cinta
hatiku untuk-Mu (hanya untuk-Mu) …

Just waiting for someone who’s really suitable…

The only one who I always pray for (in this song)….

Then, also I like Love Is You

This is how I feel
Whenever I’m with you
Everything is all about you
Too good to be true

Somehow I just can’t believe
You can lay your eyes on me
If this is a fairytale
I wish it will end happily

Even though we are apart I can feel you here next to me
Here and now I will vow, stay with me

Let me love you
With all my heart
You are the one for me
You are the light in my soul
Let me hold you
With my arms
I wanna feel love again 2x
Cuz I know
Love is you

Very deep, very nice and very simple but has great meaning….

hopefully, one day I can love someone like that….


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I am girl, sweet, attractive, charming
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4 Responses to Ten 2 Five

  1. meliza766hi says:

    oh ternyata,, status kemaren2 lirik lagu toh,,, huhuuu gw dah jadi ansos gini 😦
    btw,, love melulu nh, gyhahahaha 😀

  2. joice says:

    @ Melisa : Ie… pada heboh gitu…
    Gak juga sih Mel.
    @ Anggriawan : nape?

  3. yudis says:

    joice bikin shoutbox dong! 😀

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