Profil Brain Usage

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Berdasarkan test itu, ternyata diriku adalah :

Auditory : 20%
Visual : 80%
Left : 70%
Right : 30%

Komentar saya: Perasaan kalo uji ngelipat tangan, saya dominan otak kanan deh. Kemudian pengujian lainnya juga membuktikan otak kanan saya lebih dominan. Sebuah sumber mengatakan bahwa otak kanan bisa mengerjakan beberapa hal sekaligus. Kalo dominan otak kiri, biasanya fokus pada sat kerjaan. Kecenderungan saya sekarang adalah saya lebih suka fokus ke satu hal namun bener2 selesai.

Adapn penjelasan mengenai brain usage saya adalah sebagai berikut:

Joice, you are somewhat left-hemisphere dominant and a predominantly visual learner, an interesting blend of characteristics!

You are an intensely visual person, active and continuously searching. As such, there is no rhythm or beat to limit your learning. You are constantly absorbing and imaging. Your tendency to be left- hemisphere dominant, however, creates some difficulties. You continue to attempt to structure all that input and categorize it, at the same time continuing to seek out new input while “reflecting” in what you have already gained.

With your visual orientation absorbing so much input, you sometimes utilize your left-brain focus to identify logical aspects of what you perceive and may become overwhelmed by details.

When faced with situations where you have to rely on verbal input exclu- sively, you may find yourself needing to work more on maintain- ing an “overview” or perspective in order to fully grasp the material. It is likely that “sketching out” a representation of material that you are listening to will enhance your understanding and recall of the material. Drawing diagrams and note- taking allow you to “see” the relationships and absorb them more fully.

You tend to focus on details and are generally logical and organized. You have an intensity which is evident to others and yet can feel comfortable with the applied aspects of learning, the practical.

Given that you are somewhat goal-directed, the difficulty with being so visual is that you continuously “see” new goals and thus may be drawn from one to the other or at least forced to think about them within present structures. Because of your visual processing mode, you are regularly faced with tolerating and integrating ambiguity, a process which disrupts the equilibrium of your left-hemisphere preeminence.

It is likely that you are restless continuously and do not feel challenged. You may well explore engaging in activities which enhance right-hemisphere functioning which would reduce some of the tension you might currently be experiencing.


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  1. leoni768 says:

    lam knal juga…^^

  2. rizasaputra says:

    hee, nyobain jg ah…

  3. ibnu says:

    Salam Kenal non.. mampir di blog aku juga yahh… jangan lupa lochh..

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