Bandar Djakarta

Bandar Djakarta is a suitable restorant for seafood lovers. It provides fresh seafood that consumer can choose by own. Seafront view that Bandar Djakarta has enhances the flavor of seafood.

excerpt from the official website of Bandar Djakarta ( )  are as follows :

“Bandar Djakarta Restaurant berdiri pada tanggal 23 Desember 2001 dengan seating capacity awal hanya sekitar 200 seat, kemudian berkembang menjadi 400 seat di tahun 2004, dan hingga sekarang menjadi 1000 seat.

Konsep Bandar Djakarta adalah sebuah restauran yang menyajikan beraneka ragam makanan laut dan terletak ditepi laut kawasan Ancol Timur.

Keistimewaan dari Bandar Djakarta adalah memiliki pasar ikan sendiri, dimana pengunjung dapat memilih jenis ragam aneka laut yang mereka ingin santap dengan beraneka ragam saus khusus ramuan Bandar Djakarta.”

Bandar Djakarta Restaurant I visited is located at Pintu Timur Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.

The stages that we need to do to partake the food :

1. First, you must put your name on the list at recepsionist.

2. When your name called, you could choose the fresh seafood that you want.

3. After finishing choosing, the chosen seafood is weighed and you can choose the way they cooked.

4. Go to your table, order the vegetable,drink and additional food and wait cooked seafood.

5. Enjoy the food 🙂

The view 🙂

I highly recommend you to select tables that are actually right on the edge of sea so you can enjoy the view 🙂

And here the food

Crab 🙂

Fish (oh, I forget the name >.< )

Shrimp 🙂

vegetable (kangkung)

My plate (ups :”> )

The Drink. “Kelapa Muda” is really suitable when the weather is hot.

I’m sorry not to display images when choosing and weighing the seafood. I don’t take any picture for I’m really busy to choose. hahaha

Please enjoy my review and don’t forget to try the menu 🙂


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