Jalan Braga ( Bragaweg)

  Jalan Braga is one of my favourite spots in Bandung. I love it because it is classic (hmmm… maybe word     “jadul” can describe it more). It retains the old architectural features in the Dutch East Indies – the one I loved-. Nowadays, everytime I visit Bandung, I also visit Braga to enjoy the architecture, the environment, the buildings and take some photos. It feels peace (especially when it’s overcast), interested (it’s because i love old buildings) and aaahh… I’m lacking of words to describe it. Indeed, the main reason is I love old buildings. I think many people also love this place so until now the street name will be retained as one of Bandung’s mascots and attraction that is often visited by tourists. Formerly, this place was known as Parijs van Java.

At first, Braga is a small street in the front of a fairly quiet residential so it was called “Jalan Culik” also known as “Jalan Pedati” (Pedatiweg) in the 1990s [1]. Braga became crowded when many businessmen especially Dutch businessmen built buildings, i.e shops, bars and entertainment venues. Later, boutique shops offered Paris modeled clothes built on Braga. Braga became more famous when Societeit Concordia building that was used for citizens meeting, especially wealthy people, Savoy Homann, office buildings and other buildings were built.

Besides having “good” buildings, Braga also had the bad one, i.e buildings of nightlife and red light district (kawasan remang-remang) tha even made Braga was very well known by tourists. It made Bandung was known as “Kota Kembang”. At that time, Bandung citizens made flyers and announcements for “The gentlemen Bandung Tourists should not visit if not taken her or leave the wife at home”. [1]

Until now, the layout of the buildings is maintained still same with the layout when these buildings built. Some of them are Sarinah, Apotek Kimia Farma, Gedung Merdeka (Societeit Concordia), Canary Bakery, and others that are remain shops and buildings that are not used more. On the left and right side, there are many paintings are sold.

[1] http://id.wikipedia.org


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  1. Gustaf says:

    I love bandung ,. masih sering ke bandung joice ? 🙂

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