When I don’t know what I can write down

Everyday, I come with many ideas in my mind to write down, many arguments. There are many things I wanna share, wanna told the world through my writing. But when I touch my keyboard to write on my blog, the ideas go that I feel blank, I lose my ideas and nothing to write down.

For me, It’s easier to tell something via talking, chatting than writing. I am an extravert and verbal person so I think that’s why I prefer to talk than write. Indeed, through talking (face-to-face of course) , people could see expression on me and vice versa (it makes the story more alive). Because of that, I didn’t write for a long time until the day one of my friends told me, “Why don’t you update your blog? It has been a long time since your last post.” Well, It then motivated me to write down my ideas thought I often lack of words, my ideas disappear suddenly and if I feel writing is difficult.


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2 Responses to When I don’t know what I can write down

  1. Sharing ideas in writing is not easy.

  2. nate says:

    i prefer to share my idea with writing than talking. cuz i can tell the detail more clearly by write it.

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