Just The Way You Are

When I see your face
There’s not a thing that I would change
Cause you’re amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you’re amazing
Just the way you are

Just the way you are – Bruno Mars

If the road ahead is not so easy
Our love will lead the way for us like a guiding star
I’ll be there for you if you should need me
You don’t have to change a thing
I love you just the way you are.

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you – George Benson

I would not leave you, in times of trouble,
We never could have come this far,
I took the good times, I’ll take the bad times,
I’ll take you just the way you are.

Just the way you are – Billy Joel

Many girls (generally, women) love that Bruno Mars’ song ( Seems, including me :”> ). I love those songs (above) because of the words “Just The Way You Are”. I think, when we are told that we’re loved just the way we are is the best compliment.

I admit that sometimes I compare  myself with other women especially my rivals ( my boyfriend’s ex, someone that my boyfriend used to love or someone that love or used to love my boyfriend) , who is more beautiful? who is smarter? who is cuter? who is sexier? who is more popular? etc. Yeah, I admit it! we do compare. The effect is, we sometimes feel inferior when we think that our rivals are above us and feel proud when we are above them. In my opinion, that paradigm exists because we know that men are attracted in women physically. Yeah, almost all men say that they are attracted by physic firstly. But, they don’t stop at that point. They look deeper to inner beauty and women’s character. Are they match? This fact that often forgotten by women so they ( I also 😥  ) could be intimidated by their rival appearence.

Once, one of my girl friends said : “A thing that makes your boyfriend falls in love with you is your uniqueness. Everyone created differently so everyone has own uniqueness. That uniqueness that makes he love you. Don’t be intimidated when you feel your rival is better than you”

So, remember girls, no matter how beautiful other women, how smart they are, how popular they are and many reasons that make you inferior, remember that YOUR UNIQUENESS makes you loved by your man –> men also admit it 😉

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