My Dream

My dream or My plan? Or what? Since I just want to pour out what is on my mind. So, let’s more concern about the body of this article then the title :p

Well, It began on 4th Semester of my college time. I took Economics Engineering ( one of Industrial Engineering Subjects). Well, FYI it was one of non- Electrical Engineering Compulsory Subjects. We learnt about Business Plan, how to make it, variables concerned and practising of making Business Plan as the subject’s project. Actually I just remembered Capex and Opex :”> The most important thing is, it raised an interest of Business. Making a business plan is interesting (though it’s difficult –” )! You must create an original idea ( especially when nobody ever think about it) or innovation. I had idea on that time that I thought it was an idea that no one ever thought ( but then I found it on supermarket >.<). Well, though I’ve found the same product on supermarket with my idea, I remained to carry out the plan for It was my original idea :p

My beloved college (ITB) indeed encourage his students to be enterpreneurs ( maybe it was the reason every student must take subject that needed to be enterpreneur). On the 8th semester, I must take on of any managemet subjects. I take Project Management of Telecommunication Service. Outline of this course is how to make a pan of telecommunication project. So you’re taught how to analyze the market, know the time of making innovation,etc. It was one of my favourite subjects! I love mangement (especially telco) and I planned to pursue my master of this field 😀

“Joice, do you know why Indonesia has low UMR? Because we have many labors, but few jobs. So the solution is we have to increase the number of jobs through being enterpreneurs.” My co-worker said to me when I had internship. My college always encourage us to become enterpreneurs. But his words more encourage me to be enterpreneur.

Sooo, in what area I pursue to become an enterpreneur?

I love cooking, I love food and I always love to watch tv cooking show. There are some ideas in my mind : bakery, catering or food products. And now, I have another idea, a homemade food! The ingredients are from my own farm, I cook them, make them become delicious food and sell it to the tourist (my ancestral homeland is one of well-known tourist destination :D)

Hmmmm, what Idea that I will carry out?

hehehe 😀

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