There was a father who has a son named Sebastian. He used to take his boy to Kindergarten every morning. One day, a great earthquake happened in that city at noon. When the father watched that news on television, he came out from his house, run toward Sebastian’s kindergarten. He cried and called his boy’s name. When he arrived at the Kindergarten, he saw that Kindergarten’s rubble. The earthquake raze the building into the ground. While crying and calling Sebastian, he lifted the rubble. He had a hope even though the people around said that it was useless. He continued to lifted the rubble. Some of those people then helped him. They helped him only for 1 hour, the gave up then but He still continued. 8 hours, he still got nothing. 12 hours, he found a wooden board. When he opened that board, he saw a room, and he found Sebastian!!! He found not only Sebastian, but also 13 other children.

Okay, It’s obvious that the father had a hope. A hope that his son was fine. But, I am not going to tell, write and disscuss about that. I’d would like to tell you about Sebastian’s hope. When they had to take refuge in that room, Sebastian’s friend was crying, fearful and no hope. Sebastian then calmed his friends. He said, “Don’t be afraid, my daddy will come to pick me up. He always do that everyday. I’m really sure that my daddy will come to pick us up. ” When Sebastian saw his father’s face, he said to his friends, “As I said before, my father will pick me up as he always does everyday”.

Sebastian was only a little boy, but had a big hope. A hope that made him calm, a hope that made him believed that his father would come, a hope that made him different with other boys. The Bible says that “But for him who is joining to all the living there is hope , for a living dog is better than a dead lion – Ecclesiastes 9 :4″. When you’re alive, it means that you have hope. Sometimes, people lost their hope because their prayer don’t be answered. Hope makes us enthusiastic. Hope also makes us gain something beyond our ability.

In The Bible, there is an example of a man lost his hope ( John 5 : 1-8). It was a story about a man who had an infirmity thirty-eight year.Maybe, he had spirit in the first year or until second year. But in thirty-eight , he lost his hope. Therefore, he lost his purpose to come to Bethesda. At first, he came to be healed. but after thirty-eight years he hasn’t be healed, his purpose change into “how to put myself into the poll”. He was failed to put himself into the poll. Failure can make you lose your hope. But remember that God could do everything. He never leave you, nor forsake you. So, have an intimate relationship with God that your hope is lost

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