Toraja Tourist Spots

The following spots are easily reached popular tourist attractions :

1. Bolu Market

Main terminal for local public transport is at Bolu Market. We can see the everyday activities of Toraja people at this noisy, smelly, and frequently chaotic but interesting Market. You can find not only vendors of fish, vegetables, handicraft, traditional medicine and everyday goods converge from various area of Toraja, but also pig and buffalo market.

2. Sa’dan

This is Tana Toraja’s textile industry. They sell their textile products to all corners of Indonesia. You can find modern motif’s worn by the local people, or traditional motif’s that come from the surroundings villages.

3. Batutumonga

Located on the side of Gunung Sesean. Its breathtaking views and cool night air have made this place an instant tourist destination. Breathtaking view of  Batutumonga is a unique land structure that divides its paddy field area into several tiers. It would be more interesting if you visited during harvest season in July-August because majority of this village is surrounded by multi-tiered paddy fields.

4. Ke’te Kesu

Ke’te kesu is a village characterized by traditional lives of Toraja people. It is surrounded by paddy fields with a beautiful sequence of carved walls barns and curved roofs. This village has a small museum. Most of people of this village have good mastery in carving and painting. Besides Tongkonan, you can also find Unburied Graves here and acitivity of making caarved chest.

5. Tilangga

This site is like a natural swimming pool and located on a high plain and surrounded by bamboo cluster. Inside the pool, there are large eels, but they don’t disturb and are harmless. The pool is always clear and the water is very cold.

6. Makula

Makula features a hot water springs. It is surrounded by hotels. You can still bathe in the springs with affordable price  if you don’t stay at hotels.

7. Potok Tengan

Located at Desa Tengan Kecamatan Mengkendek, at the foot of Gunung Kandora. This site houses a secret, namely a sacred rock that embodies the late Puang Pindakati, wife of Datu Sawerigading, was once considered the local population’s “Guardian goddess”.

8. Sarambu Waterfall

This location surrounded by bamboo clusters. The waterfall located between terraced valleys. To reach this place, you can take a bemo from Bolu Market to Salu, then walk for 4 kilometers along the village pathway.

9. Palawa

Like Ke’te Kesu, you can find Tongkonan houses of early ancestors here. Some of people here sell handicraft in Tongkonan Houses. So, you could enter houses ( sometimes, people call you to come up to the houses) and buy the handicraft.

10. Kambira

You can visit the baby gravesity there. The babies’ bodies are stored inside tree cavities and covered with black fibres.

11. Suaya

Not far from Kambira, you can reach this place by foot. Suaya is known for its steep cliff that displays human statues ( Toraja people called them, tau-tau) on the sides. Inside, there are bones and coffins, with stairs that lead to the cliff top.

12. Tiro Tasik

Located between mountains, with stunning views and cool air. This location used to be fortress by the people of Sa’dan matallo. Through this location, you can see clearly part of Toraja scenery : valleys, hills, multi-tiered paddy fields and Gunung Sesean with its jagged rocks.

13. Londa

Londa is grand ancient graveyard that took shape naturally. In these suspended caves, there are dozens of my mysterious erong and hundreds of bones.

14. Lemo

Name Lemo ( in Toraja language means oranges) derives from the sape of the stone graves that resemble round, spotted orange. It is gravesites of Toraja ancestors. This grave is a combination of natural beauty and 16th century of Toraja handicraft. They carved 75 stone graves and 40 tau-tau that stand erect as symbols of prestige, status, role and position of Desa Lemo’s noblemen.

I haven’t visit some of sites I mention above. I hope, one day I can visit all of them 🙂

Unburied Graves at Ke’te Kesu

Carving Chest Activity at Ke’te Kesu

Buffalo market ( Bolu Market)

Pig market ( Bolu market)

Some handicraft at Bolu Market


This article was taken from “TORAJA, the sacred high land” with necessary modifications.

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  1. Toraja is a wonderful world on earth cause the custom still kept practicing today even seventh live philosophy from ancestors colors the character of peoples be tuft to motivation on believing,ethic oh humanity,social on society relationship, care the nature,breeding animal.all be bounding on a great home of sang Torayaan to protect live of toraya peoples from before now and then.

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