Daily life of Working Woman : Outfit

One thing that uniform students wait are the moment that they don’t wear uniform anymore, especially girls. I felt it when I entered college. It was such a exciting moment that I didn’t have to wear uniform anymore, I could wear every outfit that I want. For the first time, it was exciting. But some time after that, I started to think that I need more clothes. At high school, old clothes always seem like new one. On the contrary, at college, new clothes seems like old clothes since they are often worn. Buying clothes need money right?

After graduated, I had got a job at a company that provide uniform. It doesn’t seem cool but I think that I can save more clothes, I don’t have to spend my money to buy more clothes. I found difficulty when I had appointment with my friends, or I went to somewhere ( of course I didn’t wear uniform). I was confused what I wore. I lacked of clothes stock. I didn’t buy clothes for I wore uniform everyday :)) My fashion instinct also was reduced.

I moved to another company then. I didn’t have uniform to wear. So I can wear any clothes. But, what I think and feel now is same when I was in college. I need more, more and more clothes. I buy new clothes now. Next week, It feels I have had that clothes for a year! Also, every morning after wake up, first thing that I think is : what I wear today? Thinking of what you wear today can spend your time and make you late to office.

So, wear uniform or not has own pro & const.

Seragam Pabrik 11. Wear Uniform

Pro : With wearing uniform, I don’t need to buy clothes so I can save my money.  I don’t need to think and arrange my plan of clothes that I wear today. Is it suitable? I also no need to go to mall for buying some clothes. So I can save my time.  I and my coworkers wear same outfit so we look “same”. No need to compare, who is more fashionable? who is more good looking? So there is no chance to feel inferior or superior. Reducing male staring on us can be included into pro because uniform is uninteresting.

Cons : Wearing uniform is boring for some people. Using the same clothes everyday. Especially if the uniform is not good looking.  You can’t apply your fashion instinct. Feel of fashionable is decreased. You don’t know Fashion update because you see same outfit everyday.

2. Not Wear Uniform

Pro : You can apply your creativity in combine outfit. You can make yourself good looking by wearing suitable and nice What To Wear To A Networking Event - Outfit 1outfit. You know fashion update by seeing other clothes everyday. You have enough clothes stock. By seeing other outfit, you can learn how to mix and match outfit.

Const : You have to spend your money to buy clothes. You must spend your time to buy clothes and to think what you wear today. If you are people that always see other and compare with yourself, you will feel inferior if they’re more good looking and feel superior if you are more good looking. Your mood can affect your outfit. You’re lucky if you are in good mood, have a good idea of matching clothes and have enough time to think about that. But how if you are in bad mood. Beside money and time, you also need more cupboard or locker to put your clothes.

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