Human is never satisfied

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up fast so I can choose every stuff I like, so I have money to buy everything I want.

When I was at high school and wore uniform, I wanted go to college so I don’t need to wear uniform more.

When I knew that I had to move because I was accepted by Institute in different city. I couldn’t wait the day I moved. It was like an adventure for me and challenging. How I arranged my life, my money, my “house”, how it felt to live in a house with other people. How it felt when I ddidn’t meet my family everyday.

When I was at college, I wanted to work so I can make money by myself. Do something besides studying, having fun with friends and activity of student organiation. Seems like organizational things at work are more real and more challenging. And yeah, work’s life is more challenging. The outfit, somehow I like to see it.

Now I’m working, I have job and wear worker outfit and do workers’ routine. But sometimes, I want pursue my master. At other time, I want do “working & holiday”. But, sometimes I also think when I will be entrepreneur.

Now I think, If I can get what I want after I have job, what will I want? I dream about?

How about you, readers? What do you want when you were  a kid ? what do you want when you still wore uniform? what do you want when you’re at college? And what do you want now?


File:Children reading The Grinch.jpgNow, sometimes I miss being a kid. I only think about homework, study, parents and siblings also friend, what they think and feel about me, play,must to take a nap and some things that are not more complicated and stressful compared to adult’s things. I don’t need to think to make money, I don’t need to think what I cook today, how I manage the expenditure, and other things more stressful that I must to think about.

I miss my family since I live far away with them. I miss to have supper with them. I miss the time everyone tell each story and joke. I miss see their face when wake up in the morning and say “Good Morning” and say “Good Night” when we go to bed. I miss spending time together with them, watching film, shopping, cooking, cleaning the house when Christmas comes and other housework. Thought sometimes I have different opinion with one or some of them even debate, I still miss and love them.

I miss, I really miss my college time.I was more flexible. I didn’t need to wait after work or weekend to have fun with my friends. The feel of having friends even best friends is more real. I have best friends there and I miss having more time. I only think about studying, how I can be graduated on time , how I can manage my time when I have students organization activities and study , but still it is not more complex than working’stuff. I also miss having long holidays not only 12 days + national holidays.

I seldom miss being in uniform so I don’t neet to spend my money to buy outfit and think, what will I wear every morning. Though I prefer not in uniform. But I admit, I seldom miss it 😀

How about you friends, what do you miss now? even what o you regret now?

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