Esther – The Queen

Esther is my most favourite Faith Heroine. There are some heroines listed in Bible : Sarah, Rahab, Ruth, Mary, Deboarh, Jael,Naomi, Leah, Rachel, and many more. Maybe since Esther has a book in bible, so she has many information about her life than other heroines, hence I know about her life better than the others. Then, she becomes my favourite :))

Esther, who was also known as Hadassah was an orphan. She was brought up by Mordechai, her cousin lived in Susa and a Jew of the tribe Benjamin. Once upon a time, Ahasuerus ( also identified as Xerxes), looked for a new Queen replacing Queen Vashti. There were many beautiful virgins who attend the election, but Esther win the election. Esther was pretty, but the other also pretty and somehow I’m pretty sure there were some girls more beautiful than her. But why was she chosen? I’m sure it was a part of God’s plan. God who has the power to arrange everything, even the heart of human.

I’m amazed of her life. Her bravery to attend the Queen election whereas she’s a Jew, who had been carried into exile from Jerusalem. She knew that the King wasn’t believer, but she’ brave to take any consequence. Before meeting King, she had to go through the twelve months of beauty treatment. During this period, not only her physical beatuy prepared, but also her character, inner beauty prepared. God prepared her for the task after she got Queen position. God needs time to prepare us, especially our character, to refine our character , according to His will. Same with Moses need 40 years to be refined, so do Joshua, David and other figures in the bible.


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