The Journey to Dieng Plateau ( Part 1)

I could only say, “Finallyyy after craving it for 6 months, I can make it happen.” Start from Vacation Planning on Long Weekend (17-20 May 2012), my friend told me that she and some friends were planning to go somewhere. I wish I can go to Dieng Plateau. Dieng Plateau is located at the border Wonosobo and Banjarnegara. Most of Dieng Plateau is farmland especially potato.

This journey started on 17th May 2012 evening. We went from Jakarta to Wonosobo and arrived on 18th May 2012 morning. We continued the journey to Dieng Plateau using different vehicle. Fresh air and amazing scenery made us forgot about our exhaustion. It was indeed worthy scenery to look for. We back to Jakarta from Wonosobo on 19th May 2012 evening. During vacation, we really were astonished with scenery that God created. I think our lungs also felt happy since they were fulfilled with fresh air. So, this is our journey…

1. Telaga Warna

This was the 1st Place we visited immediately after arriving. Telaga in English is Lake. Telaga Warna is surrounded by woods, caves and grassland. The Lake was named Telaga Warna (Warna = color) since the water color is gradation of blue and green. Besides gradational color, water of the Lake a little bit smelly sulphur since there is magma on Lake bottom surface. View of gradational color Lake that surrounded by Woods was damn good!

In addition to Telaga Warna, at this area there is another Lake, Telaga Pengilon ( pengilon means Mirror). I guess it was named Pengilon due to the water that as clear as mirror. Telaga Warna has several caves that usually visited people on certain days to meditate. Semar Cave, Sumur Cave and Jaran Cave are caves that are in this area. Actually, there is sequence caves that are visited but I don’t know which cave is the first cave to be visited, and the next and the last. When I trace Telaga Warna area, I found more caves that seem like to be used for meditate.

Besides Lakes, woods and caves you could also visit Dieng Plateau Theatre (DPT) at Telaga Warna area. Near to DPT, there are food sellers, souvenir sellers and farmland. Fried Potato (Well, Dieng is well-known with its potatoes 😀 ), Crispy fried Mushroom, Fried tofu and Fried Tempe are traditional snack sold there. Besides those snack, you can also find snack and beverages that you can find on supermarket. Fresh Carica, candied Carica, Purwaceng coffee, Dieng bean and Mushroom chips are souvenirs of Dieng that you can find the sellers near to DPT. But don’t worry about the souvenir seller since you can find them at other spots. DPT doesn’t show the movie of myth, tale or legend of Dieng to you. It shows you about areas in Dieng Plateau, land condition based on geology and other facts about Dieng. Spoiler : the movie tells you about its land topology, farming, geothermal , culture and much more about Dieng. Anyway, though it has cool air, you can still feel the warmth of sun here 😀

2. Kawah Sikidang (Sikidang Crater)

Sikidang means Deer since crater spot often changes. Besides main crater, you will find small craters on this spot. If it’s needed, you can use mask to avoid the smell of sulphur. Near to Crater, you can find small market that supply carrot, potatoes, red potatoes, unique chili that is in Dieng and other vegetables from farmland here. Also you can also find purwaceng coffee, carica, candied carica and Potatoes crackers (it’s not ready to serve that you have to fry them 😀 )

Children that lives around here has an unusual game. They spend their time with searching small craters. What a hardcore game! :))

3. Kompleks Candi Arjuna

Arjuna Temple Complex made Dieng was believed as Hindu Central Culture in Java. Consists of 5 Candi : Candi Sembadra, Candi Puntadewa, Candi Srikandi,Candi Arjuna & Candi Semar. After we enter the gate, we will walk along a road to candi complex. The road is framed by Casuarina tree. The complex also is framed by Casuarina tree. Again, you can see farmland that surrounds the complex, even beside to road. Well, I can say Dieng is farmland 😀

It is really suitable for you who love to see farmland. Near to Gate, you will find souvenir seller. The souvenirs were different with souvenirs sold in DPT and Kawah Sikidang except for carrot and potatoes. They sold Edelweiss in different colors ( I didn’t know whether the colors were original colors since I have only seen white Edelweiss). They sold not only one kind of Edelweiss but several. Lavender and Cemara Lumut . They said that we should buy the souvenir on that time since the way we quit from the complex was different with this gate so we couldn’t meet them.Well, anyway there were some buyers that decided to buy some souvenir there.

Kompleks Candi Arjuna is well maintained that makes visitors feel comfortable and satisfied with the view. This tourism destination is one of well maintained tourism destinations among more unmaintained tourism destination. Nice view, nice place and fresh air here can make you relax and enjoy the place. One funny fact : when you enter Candi Semar, your head and face can be occurred at one of its window. And as the sellers said, we quit from the complex by different gate that apparently near to communal housing which most of them are homestay.

Candi Sembadra

Candi Puntadewa

Candi Srikandi

Candi Arjuna

Candi Semar

4. Gunung Sikunir ( Sikunir Mountain)

We climbed the mountain to watch the sunrise from the peak. It was still dark when we went there. We couldn’t see the view around there. We saw farmland, woods and clouds and also the path vaguely. The closer we reached the peak, the more slippery path we passed. Arrived on the peak, we’re ready to watch and take the photos. The cloud began to be orange that made us more excited. But unfortunately, really unfortunately we couldn’t see the sunrise due to fog. We still waited for the sunrise. Finally, we saw the sun passed the fog but it was just for few minutes. Again, the fog blocked up the sun.

Since we felt the wind get louder, we decided to went down from the mountain peak. Path was still slippery that made us careful. Well, you know what we saw ? Amazing and peaceful scenery that I can’t describe it with words. It was worthy to get climbing and going down to see the view. We even saw a beautiful lake, Telaga Cebong that surrounded by Farmland.

5. Sumur Jalatunda

Sumur Jalatunda is a spring framed by mountain side. It was said that the spring even supplies water for Purwokerto. A myth said that if a man can throw a stone and reach the mountain side, his wish can be granted. Also, if a woman can throw only a half of distance that must be reached by man, her wish can be granted too. So the result is : there were some stone sellers that can be bought by visitors.

N. B : You can see the complete photos here and here


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  1. Seli says:

    pengen buah carica nya jooo. enaaaaak 😀

  2. ulasannya lengkap dan keren. 😀

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