The Journey to Dieng Plateau (Part 2)

My Journey doesn’t finish yet :p

There were still more places and some things about Dieng that I wanna tell you…

This is the continuation of my story…

1. Kawah Candradimuka

Before visit Kawah Candradimuka, we planned to visit Kawah Sileri but since CO2 was too high there, we can’t visit it. To visit Kawah Candradimuka, we have to climb the mountain with stoned road that can’t be passed by bus (only by truck). It was about 2-3 km to reach Kawah Candradimuka. Just consider it as exercise, suck in fresh air and see beautiful scenery around that you won’t feel fatigue. Well, several people said that Kawah Candradimuka wasn’t worthy for a long and exhausting trip since the crater was small and uninteresting. But I thought that It was also beautiful. Since I couldn’t see the crater at Sidikang in short distance, at Candradimuka, I could see it in short distance. Also I could find spring there with fresh water. Well, if you want to see the crater, you need more effort to resist in sulphur smell rather than at Kawah Sikidang.

In the trip to Kawah Candradimuka, we met elementary school students that were so excited met us with their blushed cheeks and brown eyes. Well, most of them have blushed cheeks and brown eyes. My friend said it might be caused by cool air and warmth sunray.

2. Purwaceng Coffee

Purwaceng can be found in Dieng Plateau, hence purwaceng drink is one of specialties of Dieng. It is said that, Purwaceng Coffee is legendary plant tonic and traditional Viagra that comsumed by Kings in Java.

Indeed, Purwaceng is famous with improving the stamina. Besides Purwaceng Coffee, Purwaceng powder mixed with milk powder also available to be sold in Dieng.


Carica is a specialty fruit of Dieng. You can find Carica only in Dieng. Carica’s pulp is tasteless while its seed taste sour like pineapple. ItHas shape that is like papaya in small shape and even Carica’s tree is like papaya’s tree. Since Carica’s pulp is tasteless, hence it is made to candied Carica like canned fruit. The taste is sweet, fresh and sour.

4. Potatoes

Dieng’s potatoes are well known. Almost farmland was planted with potatoes. On that time, I knew potato trees look like spinach. We also can find red potatoes here. I found them at market not at farmland. My guide said Potatoes seedling were taken from Bandung and planted in Dieng. With different climate, potatoes produces are also different.

The climate is cool. In July-August the climate is cold that the temperature is at freeze point and the dew are frozen.

5. Gimbal Hair Children

Several children there has gimbal hair ( well, do you know gimbal in English?). It is natural. They have got it after suffering from fever then their hair become gimbal. To make their hair normal ( not gimbal) the parents have to make a ceremony, shave the hair and granted what the gimbal children want.

6. Dieng-Tieng

We will pass Tieng when we’re heading to Wonosobo. While farmland in Dieng is dominated by Potatoes, Chilli, leek , carrot and Dieng’ specialty beans, vegetables planted in Tieng are have more variation. You can find stringbean, legume, snow peas, mustard greens and many more. Even you can find tobacco and potatoes though aren’t good as Dieng’s. Near to Wonosobo, there is Central Market that trades vegetables from Dieng, Tieng and village around.

7. Mie Ongklok

Mie Ongklok is Traditional Noodle from Wonosobo (you can also find it in Dieng). Noodle and cabbage that are boiled and drained and served with coagulated dressing and peanut sauce. People often eat with satay ( maybe both cooking has the same sauce). Many food stall serve it in Wonosobo also Dieng but my guide recommended Mie Ongklok “Longkrang” in Wonosobo. It will be more tasty when you add some chilli.

Mie Ongklok

That was my journey in Dieng Plateau. There were some places that were planned to be visited like Telaga Menjer and Museum but we couldn’t make it due to lacking of time. Actually, we could make it but the time wasn’t spent efficiently, some time was spent for not useful things. Well, after all, Dieng was good place to spend time, to relax and enjoy the time 🙂

N. B : You can see the complete photos here and here


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