Am I a Man?

Working with multinational people is interesting. Some of vendors are Multinational Company and the others are Local Company. Therefore, in receivers email that sent, some of them are Indonesian and some are expatriate. Though expatriates in the loop, we still call other Indonesians with greeting word, “Pak”, “Mas”, “Bu”, “Mbak”,etc.

Some day, I had project with Network Team and its vendor. Expatriate of that vendor was from China. We had met face to face, had meeting, etc. One day, he sent email to many people (not only me) and greet me with , “Hi Pak Joice”

It made me laugh out loud. Even, one of our network team reply that email ( sent it only to me), said ” You should put word girl at your signature so he knew that you’re girl.”

I think it was a joke for every recipient of that email :))

Two days ago, I made a request to my team’s vendor. The person was from India. We’ve frequently met, sent-replied email, discussed via email. Every time he sent email, he greet me with only “Hi Joice”. But on that day he replied my email and greet me with, “Hi mas Joice”

It was also funny but you know, I felt strange since those words made me like a man T.T

Twice is funny, but how about three times? will it be funny or shameful? :))

Just considered it as a joke


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I am girl, sweet, attractive, charming
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