My Life as Telco Company Employee

Working at Telco Industry is one of my mommy’s wish. Well, she said you were better to work in TELKOM (represented Telco Industry maybe πŸ˜€ ) or PERTAMINA (hmmm, represented what? BUMN? :)) ) and she suggested me to continue my study at Electrical Engineering whereas I knew nothing about that Major.

Anyway, God then gave me a chance to continue my study at a well-known Institute in Indonesia and became an Electrical Engineering’ student. Due to my mother wish, I then encouraged myself to take Telecommunication as sub-major.

From the very start, I was idealist that I would work at telco Industry which was suitable with what I was studing though I was tempted to work at Mine / Oil & Gas Company but still in its telecommunication part.

To determine at what company I would work, whether it was Telco Industry or Mine/Oil&Gas Company ( but still at telecommunication part. I didn’t want other parts since my reason is to implement knowledge I got of college) , I did internship at one Mine Company at its telecommunication part. By this internship, I saw that I just was support and had few or so so impacted. Especially when I compared myself with my friends who had internship at Telco Industry, I found that I knew nothing and I implemented almost few things of Telco. Therefore, I decided to work at Telco Company.

Life went inappropriate with what I wanted. First time I worked, was at well-known Electronic Company from Korea as Software Engineering although I really didn’t like programming. I still remember that I said if I can do coding well, it felt more than falling in love. After 4 months experiencing as software engineering, I was given a chance to join a not the largest but well-known Telecommunication Provider Company. Was my dream fulfilled? Hmmm, not yet I think since I still had no description of what I would do.

I joined Apprentice Programme and was placed at Core whose jobdesc was designing core nodes of voice & sms communication. At glance, this place was suitable with what I wanted though I only have ever heard those nodes and know nothing more. At the first time, I blamed my college since what I got during college time wasn’t suitable with Telecommunication Technology growth and trend. I even felt envy to my friends who got more during their college time (different college of course) and know more about telco tech trend. But you know, even you know about updated nodes used in telco, you still need to learn by yourself about telecommunication. Well, as my lecturer said only maximum 20% of knowledge we got at college time can be implemented on work, the rest you can get by self learning during work time.
OK, because it was core designer that not so network, we can said it should be like that – not really implementing college’ knowledge – because it isn’t so network. But if we talk about network operational, the people still have to learn by theirselves. Only people at field that can implement most of knowledge they got at university. The rest, you have to learn by yourself.

So, is my will that implementing college’s knowledge fulfilled? No. Because, we still need to learn by self. Most of all we face at workplace are new things.

I moved to Billing that really different with telco which is at fresh graduate’s mind. I have to learn all things that new for me. What I want to say is only little thing of telco Company that same with what we learnt at college. Most of it are new things for us that need to be self learnt.

Many fresh graduate telco engineers are idealist that they encourage theirselves to work at telco companies (yeah,even though many also want to work at Mine/Oil&Gas Company) so they can implement their knowledge on workplace considered as suitable place. But after join Telco Company, they find that only few knowledge that can be implemented, the rest is new thing that need to be self learnt, even they work at network part.

Hence, I come with a conclusion. College time is not time to collect all knowledge that fully will be implemented on workplace although it is appropiate with our major.What we need to develop during college time is our mindset, how we think about something, analyze and solve the problem and design & estimate something. So, if we work at place that isn’t appropriate with our major, that will not problem. As I explained above, though I work at telco company, the “telco” isn’t like what I think because all are new things. Telco company like “a non telco” company since what we learn during college time is only little part of telco company.


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3 Responses to My Life as Telco Company Employee

  1. harbag says:

    cieh foto lo ama sapa jo.. how’s menara prima?

  2. joice says:

    Teman kita laaaa. Kan habis sidang TA itu.

    Menara Prima? don’t know since I work at Grha πŸ™‚

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