Dear My Future Husband

Inspired by this blog , I  think why don’t I make one to my future husband. Then I write a letter but it feels better if I post it in my own blog.

This is is, my letter to my future husband


Dear my Future Husband,
I’m writing this letter when I don’t know you exactly or maybe I’ve met you or I’m with you now but we don’t know we’re destined to be together till the time we’re spouse to each other.

I know I’m not perfect physically. I know that many girls out there better than me in physical things. Not only that, I’m also imperfect in inner things like character, attitude and behaviour.Like physical things, many girls out there really greater in those inner things. However, I have faith that God has purpose to match us. He knows I’m not perfect and so you are.

I know though I’m not perfect, I become perfect since you love me. Your love that makes me perfect in your sight. I’m perfect since we match each other, we complement each other that makes it perfect. God and others will see that we’re perfect, not ‘I” nor “U”.

We might be different in almost every way since that is the reason why we fall in love each other and why God matches us. Those differences might create any friction between you and me. They friction might hurt us, make us cry or the worst thing, make us doubt about our relationship even marriage. But one thing that I always believe that our love is so strong that storm can’t break it. I believe that God gives us strength to go through it all. He knows our strength and He makes us one so He won’t let anything break us.

Maybe I will make many plans even plans that too far away like “A Brand New Day – Ten2Five”. I know in that time I’m so happy,so excited since meet you and spending my entire life with you are greatest things ever ( of course except meet God).

I don’t want to and I try not to expect you too much. I don’t know what and who is the most suitable with me, so I will try and want to receive you as you are because God that sents you to me and He knows you’re the best for me.

As described in “Only you – Amee”, you are and will always be the one, only the one for me. You are the part of me, I’m part of you, we’re one. No one more than you except God in my heart. I will pray for it. I believe, both of us will pray for us and our vows that we declare in the front of God. I also pray and ask God to teach us how to stand together, to face the world, to hold each other arm till death separate us.

I lack the words to describe my hope and my dream about you. The one you should know when you read this letter ( since I post it at my blog, let’s say “post”), I will give you all my heart and I entrust you my entire life. I believe you’re the best captain for my “life ship”


Your Future Wife

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