Personality Type : D I S C

For several years, I’ve learnt about Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatics and Melancholic. Now (well, actually, I heard it first time in 2009), I found another personality type assessment : Dominant, Inspiring, Supportive and Cautious (several sources say : Drive, Influence, Steadiness and Compliance). As pshycology-nerd I’m so eager to learn it. First time I heard when I took “Self Potential Management” course. I Asked the lecturer whether this personality type was quite similar with Choleric and friends. She said, they were same. I met DISC again when I joined Workplace ( at Samsung Electronics Indonesia). My trainer explained it slighlty and she said DISC was different with CSPM. She said DISC was used in workplace while CSPM was used in daily life. I still doubted about it. Last night, I and my supervisor had discussion regarding DISC. He said, DISC was more implemented though they’re quite similar. Well, IMHO, DISC more talks about people behaviour in workplace while CSPM more talks about character. I think it’s enough for preface and background why I would like to talk about it.

Have you ever taken DISC Personality Assessment? (maybe most of you didn’t realize it). One day, I took Personality Assessment from a Personality Assessment Company at its office. I saw several charts on whiteboard at a room there. Each chart has a name of character type : Creative, Assertive, etc. The chart has four dots that up and down. I thought the chart is related with personality assessment I took. The personality assessment is like this : there were four sentences and I had to choose which one is the most and least. I slightly saw at next page , above the answer boxes, there were D, I, S and C. Then I thought, using this assessment , personality of person can be known at which type she/he is low and at which type she/he is high.

My ” Self Potential Management” Lecturer analyzed me that I’m “D” Type. My trainer also tested me and got the result, “D”. I also think my self as “D” person.  I took Test here and my result is : D. While several assessments only focus in one type (whether this person is D type or I type), the other assessment focus on entire personality type ( at which type this person is low and at which type this person is high).

Below are some explanation of each type *:


High : Assertive, Competitive, Direct, Driving,Forceful, Inquisitive, Self-starter.

Low : Approachable, Accommodative, Cautious, Moderate, Cooperative, Casual, Lenient.


High : Interactive, Full of Ideas, Diplomatic, Motivator, Positive, Participate, Trusting.

Low : Serious, Fact Oriented, Skeptical, Thinker, Observer, Reserved, Analytical.


High : Amiable, Dependable, Patient, Friendly, Loyal, Good Listere, Persistent.

Low : Active, Restless, Impatient, Pushy, Demonstrative, Take short-cuts, Disorganized.


High : Conservative, Calculative, Meticulous, Systematic, Obedient, Controlling, Perfectionist.

Low : Creative, Firm, Flexible, Intuitive, Unconventional, Empowering, Inattentive to details.

Why do wee need to identify at which type we’re low and at which type we’re high?

First, to define what character of the tested person is. For character A (Let’s say it’s creative) has D low, I high, S high and C low. Moreover, a company usually apply personal type assessment on the job applicants to check whether they’re suitable for vacant position. For example, Sales Manager need D high, I low, S high and C low. Based on that criteria, job applicants are screened  and decided.

Since this article isn’t at advance stage, so there are some flaw, I’m open for your suggestion or additional information.

Last, what’s your type?

* XL Axiata Personality Type Assessment handbook.

Image source :


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  1. You’ll be surprised when you read your test result 😀

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