Dream Bridge (Part I)

This is the first time I meet you. In this place, a crowded road. It’s like in the film. So many people walk across this way but somehow my eyes look into you. I think you feel that I’m looking at you then you start looking at me. My heart hasn’t ever beat fast while staring at another’s eyes. Then I feel upset, why do you deflect your gaze. Please look at me I beg. You don’t hear my heart’s whisper and walk away and past me…

I open my eyes and realize it was only a dream. Wake up and walk to bathroom. “A weird dream!” I tell myself.  Going to office, retrace the road and back to the routine. I spend almost all time in my office. I love my life, I love my job but I think my life is too flat, no surprise, no chemistry. I only live my circle of routine. Today, I decide to go home earlier than usual. I feel so tired that I want to spend more time in my bathtub

I’ve never visited park in the downtown. Many people go there and I think that’s a good choice to spend time now. As I see now, many people spend time to picnic and read book even have a date at this park. The benches are full except mine for I came here alone. I see you again today, right in front of me looking available chair that is difficult to be found. Suddenly you come to me because only my chair that is available. I can’t forget your eyes, a beautiful eyes that always make my heart beats faster. And your smile, that is the sweetest smile I’ve ever seen. I’m really enchanted that I can’t hear you ask me permission to sit next to me. I don’t know whether you know my cheeks are blushing. You are so gentle, so kind and very polite. You ask my name and introduce yourself (actually you only tell your name without brief introduction). I expect more, please ask my phone number, my job, or everything, please start the conversation. You are reserved and mysterious that I have no gut to start conversation until you say goodbye.

My boss’ call wakes me up and he tells me to come earlier because new guy will come to office. Since he will be my new user, I have to prepare any document and information for him. Discussion about current projects is going well then suddenly I realize that we’ve ever met but I don’t know the exact time, the exact place we met. He also behaves that we haven’t met yet. Since I will often interact with him, I have to feel comfortable in working with him. Seems like, he’s better than my previous user that is cruel and so demanding. The substitute guy is more patient and understanding.

Beach is my favourite place.  Every part of beach is so perfect : sand, salt water, coconut tree, and sunshine. I love when sea wets my legs and sand sinks my feet. Someone’s walking toward me and I know he’s indeed walk to approach me. I think it’s my secret place and no one knows about this place. Now, there’s more person knows this place. When I see who that guy is, he’s the same guy I met at the road, at the park and… it’s you, my new user. I now realize why it feels like dejavu. You both are the same name and I feel fool when I remember you two have the same name, Arthur. While you are more friendly like an old friend now, at the office you are like a guy that hasn’t met me before. I don’t mind about that, maybe you want to be professional at office. Spending afternoon at the beach with you is the most wonderful time. You laugh, we laugh, tell jokes,and watch sunset and even you let me to lean on your shoulder. Before going home, we stroll down the beach and you hold my hand.

Hi Sir, don’t you know that now while we’re discussing about your request in your room, I stare at your face, look every inch of your face. You are the same person with guy that comes to my dream three times in the row? Don’t you recognize me? Why are you so different? We’re so close on the beach, you hold my hand but now, we have a distance as User and Project Team. Don’t I ever come to your dream? don’t you know that you disrupt my dream?

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