Dream Bridge (Part II)

I know you come here purposefully. While enjoying my cheese cake and coffee, you come toward me and sit on chair in the front of me and give your smile that makes me fly. You don’t order any cake or even any beverage that’s why I know that you come here because of me. You know I’m here and it’s my favourite cheese cake shop. Since you know that it’s not polite not to order anything, then you order the same coffee and the same blueberry cheese cake with me. You’re a great companion in conversation. You can make me laugh and you don’t hesitate to tell everything about you, your family and your friends. You don’t tell anything that indicate you have a girlfriend. Should I ask you?

After giving each mobile number at cheese cake shop, you don’t stop calling me or exchanging message. Do I fall in love? I’m so excited when see your name at my mobile phone. Remembering your face, your smile, your eyes and your laugh make me delighted.

You ask me to go to your favourite restaurant (could I call it date?) and spending fabulous night. When you escort me to my apartment, you kiss my brow and give me a warm hug.

Today, we’re going to cinema to watch movie. Both of us don’t like a teenage romantic movie that’s happening right now. We then decide to watch an action movie that’s also happening. We then have a dinner. You’re enthusiastic to talk about the movie, your recent days of life and you tell me that you miss me so much. Don’t you know that I’m so glad to hear that. I miss you more and more. Please ask me to be your girlfriend.

You ask me again to accompany you to watch the movie. You can always make me forget my problem, my jobs, my boring life.  You always escort me everytime we finish our date. Suddenly, you kiss me gently and smoothly that I want to stop the time. Is it a sign that I’m your girlfriend now?

You are very different. You, the real version and the dream version (my bad, the man that loves me was imaginary man). You don’t show any affection or doing any romantic thing. You treat me like you treat the others. Don’t you know that you come to my dream, spending time, going to movie, beach, cake shop, restaurant? you even kiss me! I really want to tell him, but I’m afraid he will think that I’m crazy.

Although not offically, We’re like a couple. You never ask me to be your girlfriend, but I think your affection and care are enough for me.  I’m so happy to spend my leisure time with you even I can’t wait the time to come. Climbing, Trekking, Fishing, Travelling and Cooking are very great. Even spend time at your apartment to watch TV is great also for me. Oh and your kisses are very sweet, even sweeter than sugar. I feel being love that much everytime you kiss me.

It’s weird, really weird. You’ve been disappear for several days. Don’t you know that I miss you so much? I’m so desperate not to meet you and spending even one second with you. Then I see a bridge and across it. The bridge ends at someone’s dream. Maybe it’s your dream since I see you here. Finally I see you! I run to you , I wanna hug and tell you that I’m damn miss you. I stop my steps because I see you hold another girl’s hand. You both are so happy, laughing each other and those eyes are enough to explain to me that you both are falling in love. Your outfits suddenly change, you both wear wedding outfit. Nooo, No! you can’t marry her. How come you give me that hope while you love another girl. I know, it’s because we’re in different places. You and me as couple in my dream while you and that girl as couple in your dream.

I’m crying that I wake up and I feel so sad. I know, I’m so ridiculous because crying on an imaginary man. But I damn fall in love with him! I really love him!

Although you’re a good person, you consider me as partner, like other coworkers. But today, you are more friendly. You ask me to come to your room. I know, I decide to tell you all about this. Maybe you will think that I’m crazy but I will still tell you about your imaginary version. Not only talking about job, you also ask me about girl’s stuff, what presents that girls want the most, where romantic restaurant that is suitable to spend dinner. What is my favourite food and toher things about girl. At the end conversation, you explain to me that you plan to purpose your girlfriend.


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One Response to Dream Bridge (Part II)

  1. patsie1989 says:

    So sad….

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