Lampung Trip : 1st Day

To go to Lampung, we decided to use ferry from Merak. We’re heading to Merak by car and takes time around 1,5 hours. After queueing and struggling to enter Ferry, finally we can get it and how lucky we were since we were the latest car that can enter Ferry. We then went up to look for some fresh air and beautiful view. We met several children that paid by passenger with looking for coin thrown into sea. They’re so excited in offering us to throw coin so they can look for and catch the coins. Passanngers that bought passanger ticket (no car ticket) usually got seat depends on ticket type. Seats on lower deck were more comfortable rather than seats on upper deck. Upper deck was smoking room with Dangdut Music Live and simple “bar” that sold beverages.

DSC_0041At lower deck

After separating with an isle, being surrounded by sea and meeting again with an isle near to Sumatra, finally we saw Giant Siger that was clearly seen from ferry


Surrounded by sea


Giant Siger

Arround 3 hours in our way made us starve. We were looking for a restaurant and we decided to stop at a Padang Restaurant.  Here, we could find sooo many padang Restaurant but we couldn’t find any Lampung Restaurant. The nearest region is South Lampung that was famous by Kalianda. Several sources said that Kalianda had beautiful beaches. Therefore, we decided to go to Kalianda. After arrived at Kalianda’s area that near to sea, we saw several nameplate that show each beach name. Randomly, we chose to visit eMBe Beach.




The water is not limpid due to some trash. Most of them are mangrove branches and dead seaweed. We then continued our journey to Bandar Lampung.  It was getting dark when in our way heading to Bandar Lampung. From Bakauheni, we saw fields that mostly were banana trees, houses that separated with some distance like villages mostly. There was no lamp or only few along the road to Bandar Lampung so it’s better to reach Bandar Lampung before it gets dark. One thing that I notice on buildings in Bandar Lampung that each building has siger. Besides banana chips, Lampung is also famous by its pempek and nasi uduk. Unfortunately, it was late night when we arrived that we can’t find any pempek or nasi uduk. Actually, we lived near to a pempek small shop that quite famous (I forgot its name).
We had to get enough sleep that night because we planned to visit Kiluan on the next day.


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