Lampung Trip : 2nd Day

We planned to visit Kiluan all day therefore, we woke up in the early morning. After quite preparation, we started our journey to Kiluan without enough information about how to get there. Randomly, we chose a way that heading to a market and relied on signage. After arrived there, one of us asked someone about how to get Kiluan. Unfortunately, he couldn’t remember the instruction clearly so he conjectured the direction. We followed the direction and found a row of stalls and ask about direction to Kiluan. They even didn’t know what Kiluan is. Since there was only a road so we continue our journey and luckily found a gas station and got direction to Kiluan. Seems our direction was right. So, Journey to Kiluan started. The longer we went, the road got worse.


Uphill, downhill, the road was very very very bad even got worse. We then met a beautiful beach, Pantai Klara in Teluk Ratai. It’s very beautiful and the water was very clear and clean. We didn’t stop to enjoy it considering time spent to Kiluan.

pantai klara teluk ratai

We found village and remind me of travelling from Makassar to Toraja. The houses are quite similar with the ones in South Sulawesi.  Usually, during the trip I don’t kill the time with reading books or listening to music but enjoying the scenery. This place had a wonderful and calm atmosphere. We also met Bali village there with its Pura. Then finally we reached gate of Kiluan and after that, wooooow we went through steep incline. After the gate, we had to went along the road to reach Pantai Kiluan. Only a cottage in beach without food stall. So, before go to pantai Kiluan, you should prepare food.

It was not as clear as Pantai Klara but better than eMBe Beach I think. We could find mangrove branches and other trash here. We’re not lucky to meet dolphin. You have to arrive here before 4:00 AM to meet dolphin. To go snorkeling, we need to across the sea,go to Pulau Kelapa using traditional boat.



Blue ocean, white sands and green trees welcomed us when we arrived in this isle. Briefly, it was so clean. There was a cottage also in this isle and rent snorkeling equipment.





After swimming for a while, we decided to rent snorkeling equipment. I rent google and fin but not live vest. I felt that snorkeling is easier without live fest. We were disappointed since we didn’t meet any fish except starfish on the beach.


No coral reefs in this area that made fish didn’t want to come. We have to get closer to high seas to meet them. But they’re too rare here. I really regreted that coral reefs here weren’t maintained. We could find coral scattered on the seabed near to the beach. Maybe, it was due to coral reefs destruction.

Most of fish here are small fish. We ever met a group of them. It was not too bad since if we give more effort to get closer to high seas, we could find more of them.

We back to Bandar Lampung and tried not to late to get there because there was no lamp along the road >.< We’re starving in our way. We planned to visit Kakap Jumbo Restauran that was famous of their seafood. After asking my friend, we found it. The price was lower than famous seafood restaurant in Jakarta and the food was soooo delicious. Like Bandar Djakarta, you need to choose and pick fresh seafood you want and you decide how they’re cooked. Since we enjoyed the food, we forgot to take a picture. Kakap Jumbo Restaurant was very recommended.


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