Lampung Trip : 3rd Day

This day was our last day in Lampung. Our plan was only to buy souvenir, chips,food,etc of Lampung. We also planned that if any chance to taste Lampung typical food that we didn’t know since we couldn’t find any Lampung Food stall. We had ever known that there were many Pempek stalls in Lampung.We searched in google to find typical food of Lampung and found nasi uduk.

Well, famous nasi uduk restaurant/stall hadn’t opened that morning so we continue our trip to visit famous souvenir stall, Toko Oleh-oleh Yen Yen. Toko Yen Yen is located in an area that has many souvenir stalls and food stalls including Kakap Jumbo Restaurant. Slightly, Toko Yen Yen was small shop. After enter it, we were invited to enter a big , very big room that store all foods. Actually, this is a big shop. Lampung was famous by its banana chips. So we were looking for banana chips with various brands. Lampung also provided food like the ones belong to Palembang,i.e. Pempek , Kemplang and fish chips. Pempek wasn’t sold there. Banana chips with various flavors and brands, fish chips, jack fruit chips, and other snacks and chips. It was so complete. I was also looking for lempok ,i.e. dodol durian. I found a pack of dodol durian. After a while, I found a pack of lempok with darker color. Then I asked to the seller what the difference between lempok and dodol durian. He explained that both of them made from durian while lempok was pure from durian. Therefore, content of durian in lempok is higher than dodol durian also more expensive.

I was the last who finished shopping because I also bought snacks for our office colleague. After shopping, my friends told me that they’ve just bought otak-otak that was more, more delicious than the one in Jakarta. Then I think food here was quite similar with food in Sumatra Selatan. We had an appointment with one of our colleague here. So, we decided to meet at the nearest Pempek Stall. Quite delicious I think.

After meeting, we decided to continue our way to Bakauheni. I really really wanted to eat durian there, because we actually had planned to visit a place that people said many durians there. People said, in this time durians were so expensive. But I think, thought durians here were expensive, they might be cheaper than durians in Jakarta. Luckily, we met several durians seller in our way to bakauheni.P1050085


Not so cheap I think. I and my friend that was girl were not very good in price negotiating. We were too kind hearted.  Actually one of us was afraid to eat durian, he was our driver and afraid he couldn’t be concentrated in driving. But, Thanks God we arrived safely in Bakauheni.

We went to Merak by Ferry.  At this time, ferry was less crowded and smaller that more comfortable. I and two of my friends spent our time in ferry by talking  until we arrived in Merak. Good bye Bandar Lampung, Good Bye Kalianda, Good Bye Kiluan, Good bye Giant Sigar. Nice to meet you all 🙂




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