When I Miss Malang

I miss cities that I used to live. Jayapura (for sure, this is city that I spend almost my life before college) , Bandung , Tembagapura (though only 2 months there, but I’ve ever missed it) , Toraja and even Cikarang.

However, I’ve never missed cities that I only visit except Jogja and Malang. Jogja is a great place to spend holiday and I always will to visit it when I have a chance. Many of my friends continue their study in Jogja and Jogja sounds familiar for Jayapura people. Therefore, no wonder I can imagine that city before visit it. I rarely hear about Malang. That’s why I can’t imagine about that city.

Luckily, My family moved there so I can visit them in Malang. They moved there when I was at college, so I have no chance to live there, only visit it. But, after visit it several times I fall in love with Malang. It’s visited city but feels like city that I used to live ( I don’t know, is it caused by the fact that my family is there ?)

But for sure, I miss this city now


Tugu, near to my house


Tugu at night


Cathedral, near to my house.

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2 Responses to When I Miss Malang

  1. nate says:

    Eciyeehh juga deh..
    *someone in cikarang 😛

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