When you think it’s perfect

Beautiful woman with flowersWhen I was in College, I used to love someone that I thought he was perfect. Perfection is a subjective thing. Well, for me it’s perfect, but for others it’s not perfect. For me, he was perfect because he could fit every my requirement of a man where my requirement is not a physical thing. At least he’s not ugly, not too thin, not too fat, not too tall and not too short.

One day , I told my internship program’s supervisor about him. My supervisor then responded me, “You’re not looking for a spouse! you are looking for a pastor.”

This statement then make me thought, If a guy or a girl had been perfect, then he/she wouldn’t need a partner to complement his/her lack. So, why should I look for and wait only for a guy that I thought was perfect?

I myself then thought, if  someone had been perfect in man opinion, would it be the same with God’s opinion? Would God think, Okay, you’re fit with that guy since you think he/she was perfect?

Since God’s opinion isn’t always the same with man’s opinion. Since God doesn’t always think a perfect guy in sight of 2man is the right guy.

Since God said, For My thoughts are not your thoughts, Nor are your ways My ways

So, rather than wait and look for someone that you think perfect, why don’t you wait God send a right guy to your life?

Because God knows the best for you and a guy that you think perfect isn’t truly perfect, he still has shortcoming that right guy might have superiority of it.

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