Living abroad?

urlSeveral days ago I read an article in Kompasiana about traditional Market in Rotterdam. The writer was in Netherlands that she wrote several articles about living in Netherlands. Article that interesting was about traditional Market in Rotterdam.  Somehow, my desire (when I was in College) to live abroad rose. Some friends of mine have ever told me that, though you live well there, it won’t be same if you live in Indonesia. Also, until now I don’t want to study overseas (such as pursuing Master’s degree).

The idea about living abroad is still rising these days. This idea reminded me about a prophecy that I got when I was in 2nd year of college. I don’t know whether it will be fulfilled, when will it be fulfilled and this idea really takes my attention.

I don’t know why that article can rise a buried desire and I don’t know whether this idea will still stand or it’s just a crazy idea. hehe

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2 Responses to Living abroad?

  1. rizasaputra says:

    try to take long vacation abroad, see if the daily life there suits you, and see whether you still want to live abroad after the vacation.
    anw, klo dapet gawe abroad ajak-ajak ya :))

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