The Vow : One of The Greatest Films

the-vowI’m always touched every time I watch film about struggling, family and faithfulness such as 50 first date, a walk to remember, a moment to remember, facing the giant and the vow. Now, I would like to describe what I think or feel about this film.

This film is great and exciting.  I like the way they meet each other, so unique, who can guest they (or he maybe) can fall in love at the first sight? And finally they’re married. Meeting your soul mate sometimes kinda a unique way. Who can guess that’s the way we meet. Unfortunately, Paige lost her memory, especially memory of Leo. The most painful is when she thinks that she’s still Jeremy’s fiance. Which man in this world  can stand before the situation like what Leo deals with?

I like to watch how Leo struggle for his love. I also appreciate Paige’s effort. Well, at least she tries to remember although her mind still says that she’s Jeremy’s fiance? Through all odds, effort and conditions, unfortunately they have to separate. Leo is still waiting her.

One day, Paige finds the vow. I think it’s her return point and remind her how she made that vow. Even though the memory’s never come back, she decided to be back together with Leo.

The marriage vow, some words that the bride and the groom tell each other, the promises told in the front of spouse, pastor and other people and especially God. It’s not a game,  we can’t take it for granted. This film teach us to respect marriage vow.

I’m not married but one day when I get married, I will learn how to respect the vow and do every word that I say.


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