When I See His Face

imagesSeveral times like tonight, when I see his face, I said to myself , so here is guy that will be my husband in the future.

Husband? yeah, it’s a big leap for me. To decide to plan to be a wife of someone and spend the rest of my life with him, having some children, sharing house, money and of course sharing bed :”>

We met in a unique way. He said, no one in the world meet his/her spouse in the same way with others. We’ve never worked together. Well, we’ve ever meet some times but never work for the same projects. However, now we’re together. In the first days, we still couldn’t believe that we’re dating. I had never thought about it, dating with him, someone that I had never expect to be my boyfriend. Actually, I was with someone else and I was typical of faithful girl that only focus to her boyfriend without notice others.

After I was officially his girlfriend, he said if you had opened your heart for me, I could make you fall in love with me like what I had done. Risalah Hati by Dewa might be suitable song for it 😛

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2 Responses to When I See His Face

  1. mryohan says:

    Selamat ya kk atas hubungan barunya… Semoga semakin membangun 🙂

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