Right-Brained or Left-Brained

I’ve taken test to know whether I was right-brained or left-brained for several time. Even I’ve written a post for this topic

Today, there was a site booming on my path i.e. sommer-sommer . The result was I was 50% right-brained & 50% left-brained

sommer sommer

As benchmark, I also took other tests.

1. Second Test

The result is :

where creativity goes 1

The brief detail :

where creativity goes 2You can see the detail of those words on the website.

2. Third Test

The Result is :

test your self1

The explanation :

test your self2


Looks like I’m both Right & Left-Brained, with tendency to Left-Brained.

I also remember that I read a book in 1st Year College, answered the test and the result I tended to be left-brained.

What about you?


The Test Source :

First Test : http://sommer-sommer.com/braintest/

Second Test : http://www.wherecreativitygoestoschool.com

Third Test : http://testyourself.psychtests.com/bin/transfer


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