My Father

My father isn’t a romantic man. He never give a surprise for my mother. He rarely tells my mom that he loves her. Instead of going out for dinner or lunch, he rather asks my mom to cook since it’s cheaper.

My mom ever told me that when they started dating, my father didn’t confess his feeling and ask my mother whether she would like to be his girlfriend. My mother said it was like a formal wedding proposal.

However, I know that my father really loves my mother. Thought he’s not a romantic man, I know he loves her through his daily activities, gesture, words and how he treats my mother.

He seldom says to my mother that he loves her, but he always tells us to respect our mother. Maybe he can even say that it’s OK not to respect me, but never not to respect your mother. He always remind us to bear in mind to respect and love our mother. He always tells us about my mother effort during pregnancies, how she raise us, how she chose to stay in home to take care of us rather than to work.

He never makes any surprise for my mother, but he always help my mother for housework. He never looks at himself as a man that hasn’t do housework and think housework is woman’s portion. He helps my mother.

He never asks my mother to go out for dinner, but he eat every meal she cooks and doesn’t complaint at all.

Thought he’s not romantic, he shows affection for my mother in the front of us. Even if we says it’s ridiculous, my mother says, “this is what we wanted to see from our parents. So, be thankful that your parents love each other”.

He is indeed not a romantic man, but He love my mother , really loves my mother.


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