Christmas Celebration

2Every year, I spent my Christmas time with my family in Jayapura. The celebration of each holiday especially Christmas was really merry there, even it was merrier than every celebration of each city that I’ve been to.

First Christmas that I wasn’t with my family was Christmas 2006. In that year, I went to college in Bandung. Since Christmas was in the middle of Final Exam, I thought that I wouldn’t fully celebrate it. Hence, during college period I’ve never celebrate Christmas with my family. I thought everything would be OK, no crying, gloomy days and feeling of being alone. I had relatives in Bandung so I thought everything would be the same.

Christmas Celebration in Bandung wasn’t merry at all. I didn’t know whether it was one of the causes that made me cry on 24th 3December 2006. It was the first time I didn’t celebrate Christmas with my family, in the afternoon, my mom called me, we talked about our Christmas Tradition. My mom was crying and I wasn’t able to hold my tear. It’s so heart breaking. I had so many activities on Christmas Holiday Period until New Years Eve with my mom and entire family. Since I moved to Bandung, it wasn’t the same. After that call, the day became gloomy.

Christmas 2006 – 2010, I celebrate Christmas apart from my family. I graduated in October 2010 indeed but I had less preparation to go home for Christmas 2010.

Christmas 2011 & Christmas 2012, I finally celebrated it with my family. Although Celebration in Malang wasn’t merry as Celebration in Jayapura, but I could still feel Christmas since I spent it with my family.

42 days left to Christmas 2013. I don’t spend Christmas this year with my family. I hope everything will be OK since Christmas 2007 – 2010, I felt OK though I missed them but my feeling wasn’t gloomy as 2006.

I hope I can be merry this Christmas even thought I miss my family especially my mommy.

Now, I’m listening to “Merry Christmas Darling” that might describe well my feeling now.

Merry Christmas to you all. Be merry, happy and bright on this Christmas ^^


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