Life After Wedding

cincinI’m so curious about Life after Wedding (well, we may call it Marriage Life) more than the Wedding itself.

What will it be? Can we manage ourselves to be still in love?

Can we be still romantic to each other?

Can we still care each other?

Will we get bored?

Will we still have that “deg-degan”, feeling of missing someone?

Will the condition will be the same when we’re dating?

I have read some articles. One of them is this article. The other articles also told me that we need to keep being romantic, the pasanganchemistry even during marriage life. Dating in marriage life to make the relationship still colorful.

Don’t stop pursue your partner, they said. Don’t refrain from being romantic couple. People in old style sometimes don’t like to be dating when they’re married since they think it is ridiculous. But don’t they know that it can bind the marriage.

My parents once told me that they kept being romantic and care to each other since when they’re children, they wanted to see their parents to be romantic to each other.
Well, I thought it also can bind the marriage.

What’s about yours?


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2 Responses to Life After Wedding

  1. anggriawan says:

    Cihiy! Sudah fix tahun 2014 kah? 😉

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