My Life as Project Management (Part II)

Actually this article isn’t really related with Project Management Life. I’d like to share what I learn during become Project Manager. As I’ve ever said previously, I used to be Architect. During my task as Project Manager, I learned one important thing, that every part of a project is important. While being Project Manager, I found some parties thought that they’re the core people. Features/products/framework won’t be delivered if it’s not because of them. Whereas, everyone has the equal contribution.

How we can now business requirement if it’s not from Business Analyst?

How we can now End to End design if it’s not from Architect?

How we can configure the features on each system if it’s not from Developers?

How we can ensure that features developed are suitable with Business Requirement if it’s not from Tester?

Last but no least, everyone does his/her task but the project can be delivered if it’s not Project Manager who coordinate and follow up each project team?

As my boss said, common purpose, mutual respect. Everyone should have the common purpose and be worthy to get mutual respect because everyone contribute success to the project.

I think, you should sometimes change your role so your eyes can be opened to see different role, how they work especially the role that you underestimate.




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