Housemaid, Babysitter or Daycare?

GW082213_DAYCAREOn day, I’m going to be a “mom”. What I have been thinking even before marrying is what about my child(ren)? who takes care about them while I’m working?

Reading the news about babysitter or housemaid and also some news about my cousin taken care by a housemaid. During working hour when everyone isn’t at home, she did some inappropriate doings. I’m afraid if I left my children with a housemaid, she would ignore them when I weren’t at home.

I don’t really trust to babysitter also. I mean, some of them are truly taking care of children. However, some of them are not. If I used babysitter, I needed to have CCTV. I won’t know what they do at home, what shows my children watch, with whom my children socialize, is babysitter going to do some inappropriate doings?

I’ve ever heard about daycare. I once saw my friend’s post that fee for several days of daycare could spend your salary of a month. Then I thought, It might be minimal IDR 5mio. What a number!

Today, I had a short conversation with another friend. He said that It will take around 900k – 1.5 mio per month. It’s similar with the fee of babysitter. It was a relief. I myself prefer daycare (if the fee is around what he mentioned) rather than babysitter.

First, my children can socialize with “selected” children controlled by some adults. Socializing with some friends can give some benefit. Children can learn how to share, learn to know that he/she is not the only kid in the world that don’t make them selfish and more. Second, they can learn something positive during playing with friends. At least what they learn is something useful. I don’t want to push my children. However I think it’s copy-of-img_98681better that they can learn by playing rather tan watching some soap opera, shows, reality shows at home which don’t educate my children. Third, seems that daycare is more reliable. Daycare won’t risk its name by doing something harmful on my children right?

Now, what is coming to my mind is can I put my 3mo child to daycare (as you know that we can have marital leave for 3 months)?

What do you think? which one is better, having babysitter or entrusting children to daycare?

What are the pro(s) & con(s) ?


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