Pregnancy Review – Week 9

It’s always exciting and nice to meet you. Our first meet when you were around 2-3 weeks old I guess because mommy went to see the doctor not because mommy’s period came late but there was mommy’s body part that changed. I could only see the gestational sac.

Our second meeting when you were around 5 weeks old. Mommy could see not only the gestational sac but also a dot. Doctor explained that it was source for your food.

2014920185529Our third meeting on Saturday, 20 September 2014. You were 9 weeks (+ 5 days I guess). We changed the doctor for some specific reason. Anyway, your doctor from now was a woman. She was firm and mommy like her because it shown that she was a brave doctor. Mommy needs a brave doctor to help mommy to deliver you.

Thanks God for this time being, mommy didn’t get any morning sickness only not get appetite on certain food that mommy used to like. Anyway, you evolved fast. You got legs and arms, even fingers! Mommy and daddy were very excited saw it. However doctor said you didn’t show any move. Doctor said if the mommy eats a lot, the baby shows some move. On the contrary, if the mommy eats less, the baby doesn’t show any move.

I thought I eat a lot. I couldn’t stop eating especially during at office regardless what people said about mommy’s weight and the sight that mommy eat all the time. Doctor and your daddy instructed and necessitated mommy to eat a lot. I then thought whether snack I consumed has less or no nutrition? Then I planned to prepare some nutritious snack.

Doctor said that she was pro-normal that baby weight on delivery can’t exceed 3.5 kilos so doctor said, on that time, eat a lot before you’re prohibited to eat because your baby got overweight. The doctor also said that if baby’s weight more than 3.5 kilos, it will broken mommy’s pelvis.

Well, I’ll do anything for you my bundle of joy. I eat every nutritious food a lot.

See you again on next 4 weeks.


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