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blog 1When Facebook is controversy, Path is going to be boring… and Twitter is… hmmm… boring (he..he..he..), just get back to blog (don’t ask me about plurk even friendster :p)

I created the account in July 2008. My first post was in October 2008 (3 months after creating account!) On that time, I treated my blog as my diary. I do “curhat” on blog, I posted every test that I took about personality, etc (tests that people also take on facebook). I also posted something silly and what I did those days, such as sight seeing, travelling with friends, etc.

On that time, only few of my friends who have blog also. Number of visits just few but I gotblog 2 more comments, comparing these days that get more number of visits but less number of comments. Blog was booming that you checked your friends’ blogs, what they posted, who left comments there. However, when new social media come up, blog started to be left. Blogs were just visited while people were looking for something on google then they’re directed to those blogs.

Well, I myself also has been loooong time not written any post. The feel wasn’t the same. On the first time, I passionately looked for any topic that I could post. Now, I consider the idea first, will it make long post or only short? If it’s short, then I only need to post it on facebook or path or even twitter. But if it’s long, it’s worthy to be put on blog. Nevertheless, I find that most of ideas create short post :))

Now, I’m trying to come back to blog, to post nice posts, train my writing skill. I’ve said it before, but I will always try πŸ™‚

Perhaps, my next post first is about culinary, possibly culinary from city that I live now. I’m trying to write next post soon. Perhaps culinary or another topic πŸ™‚


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Business Blogging as an Equalizer for Small and Medium Businesses


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