Face Cleanser Product Review : SebaMed

So I wish this is the last product of face that I review.

At the previous post about face product, I mentioned this product as one of products that I applied to my face. As mentioned in that post, I applied it once in a day that is after work because I’m afraid it has excessive impact. One or two month ago, I saw my docter at beauty center that I usually visit. She immediately said, “Your face get irritation” after saw me. I explained her then about my routine of face washing. She prohibited me to use more than one kind of facial wash. Also, she told me not to scrub my face everyday even though it is daily use product. Scrubing actually doesn’t pick up your black head but remove “kulit mati” that attenuate your face skin. Hence, I got irritation on my face. Well, that was my fault since in a training that I had joined, it was said that scrubing can be done only about once in two weeks to help our skin rejuvenate since at polluted place, our skin get problem in rejuvenating. My doctor said, you could scrub your face only once in a week, maximum twice. She also recommended SebaMes as my facial wash product since this product is oil control.

Following recommendation of my doctor, I use SebaMed as my facial wash and don’t use baby soap bar anymore. Also, I reduce frequency of scrubing become once in a week. I thought my baby soap bar drained my skin. Actually SebaMed has many products for cleansing, skin care, hair care, sun care and face care.I’m not seller and I only use face care especially SebaMed Clear Face Cleansing Bar.

SebaMed Cleansing Bar isn’t like soap bar in general. It can be melted easily so be careful to keep it :p

OK, now I’m serious in reviewing it 😀

Values seeded by this product are : pH 5.5 ( not alkaline) & Oil Control.

If you see the product, it says that :

1.  Act effectively against pimples & blackheads

2. Clenases deep and gently into pores

3. Soap and alkali Free

4. Cares for the skin with vitamins & active moisturizers

5. Stabilizes the skin’s natural protective acid mantle due to pH value of 5.5

6. Provides biological protection against acne bacteria and effectively prevents the formation of new pimples.

And, here are my review of points above :

Point 1 –> At least emersion of my pimples decrease and I feel my skin especially nose has less nose. Also I feel my skin isn’t dry and more smooth.

Point 2 –> Well I have no exact measurement about that but I’m pretty sure that it cleanses my face deep (maybe even into pores) and doesn’t drain my face.

Point 3 –> I’m not pharmacist that I don’t know the effect of alkali product on face. But it explains that healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH value of 5.5. It also says that to cleance and care problematic skin with soap-free cleanser and products that have same pH value with healthy skin. *Need more investigation? Browse about that at internet*

Point 4 –> Moisturizes as far as I know is to prevent skin from drought and give natural moisture.Well, during using this product I feel my skin moisturized and isn’r drained.

Point 5 –> As explained above. It is believed that to care face, it needs to use product that has pH value same with healthy skin.

Point 6 –> About bacteria, I need microscope to see it (cracker joke :D) but indeed I feel that my pimples appearance decrease.

In conclusion, using this product I feel my skin more healthy ( brighter & blushed not dull) , my pores get smaller, oil on my face more controlled and doesn’t get any drain 😀

As my friends and my doctor recommend it, I also recommend it. But, as people said, different skin, different product. I hope this product is suitable with your face. If it’s not, stop using it then (Somehow, I’m pretty sure many people are OK witht his product :D)


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